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SILMW 2014 & 2015

At the 6th Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World we offered Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Arabic, Elementary and Intermediate Swahili and Elementary Turkish. SILMW instruction was daily with morning and afternoon classes.

Co-curricular activities included Arabic, Turkish and Swahili cooking classes, movie nights and conversation tables. In addition we had a Ramadan dinner and a showcase at the end of SILMW. Students also attended lectures on topics ranging from the geopolitics of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Muslim Feminism.

At the end of the summer our students in Elementary classes had gone from having little knowledge of the language to being able to converse, read and write in the target languages. Students in Intermediate and Advanced classes significantly improved their language abilities in this near-immersive environment.

Food from Swahili cooking class.

Students enjoying food from Swahili cooking class.

Slides on Muslim Feminism presentation by Rania Al-Sabbagh.

Arabic students at SILMW showcase.

Left: SILMW showcase program. Right: Swahili students prepare for showcase.