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Uzbek is a Turkic language spoken primarily in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Uzbeks are the largest ethnic group in post-Soviet Central Asia, and the Uzbek langauge is closely related to other Turkic languages in the region, including Uighur. Because Uzbekistan is a post-Soviet, Muslim nation located along the Silk Road, both its language and culture have been affected by diverse nations and peoples. As a result, Uzbek borrows extensively from Russian, Arabic and Persian.

Uzbek is considered a Critical Language by many U.S. Government agencies, so knowledge of Uzbek can assist in pursuing a career as a Foreign Service Officer or FBI Linguist. Additionally, the Fulbright, Boren and Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships provide students who are U.S. citizens with funding to travel to Uzbekistan for continued language learning or research. Uzbek is an agglutinative language, which means that it uses many suffixes. However, it is extremely grammatically regular: fore example, it has absolutely no irregular verbs! It's also easier to learn than some other Turkic languages becaues it doesn't havevowel harmony. Learning Uzbek is a unique opportunity, offered at only 12 other Universities in the U.S. Students can expect a small and interactive class.

Photo: Aleksandr Zykov